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Our trip to Bruges was the first trip we used our new Nikon D5200 camera. So we experimented a lot with it. As we drove into Bruges we immediately saw it’s beauty – The Medieval Architecture. Of all the great hotspots the city has, the city centre itself is the main one. Every street and every building has it’s own romantic feeling when you walk through it.


Bruges: A Small and Cozy Belgian city

Above you find one of the first photos we took. It perfectly shows the beauty of Bruges.

It didn’t take long for us to discover that photographing horses was a really cool and challenging thing to do. Especially getting the perfect picture of a walking/running horse. We must have at least 100 horse photos, but for your sake we’ll only show this one and the one below.

At the Burg Square (photo above) we found another horse. At this moment we were experimenting with focussing our camera. As you see we tried to focus on the horse which lead to a blurry background.

On the next day we decided to join a herd of tourists and see the canals of Bruges from a tour boat. We discovered why Bruges got it’s nickname “Venice of the North”. All the small canals through the city centre and all those small romantic looking bridges make Bruges really earn it’s nickname. Of course we were not too suprised because we come from the Netherlands already know Amsterdam and it’s beatiful canals and bridges.

Well this one probably needs a bit of explaining. And no, it’s not one of us. While enjoying the tour boat this lady sat in front of us. There was nothing strange about her and she did nothing wrong, but when we tried to make a photo of a building her hair/wig was blocking our view. So we decided, out of a little boredom, to photograph her hair.

And hair is blocking our view again. No, just kidding, this is Marit in front of the Belfort tower. This photo was also a focussing experiment.

Here we see Guido being zen in front of some statue on the “Grote Markt” (don’t know who it is).

Ah, another experiment. We sat there on the “Grote Markt” eating our strawberries and decided to experiment some more with ournew camera. FYI: We were not laying there behind our camera like the photographers we are, but we just put the camera on the ground and clicked the button.

This photo of the Belfort tower at sundown was actually taken from a horse carriage. We took a nice tour in a carriage through the old city centre of Bruges. I would really recommend anyone to do this. It might be a bit more expensive than a tour boat, but from the carriage you’ll enjoy Bruges a lot more than from a tour boat. The canals are of course interesting, but the streets are a lot more interesting.

Last but not least we drank the best cocktail on earth. A very sweet raspberry cocktail at BARN’S which is close to the “Grote Markt”.

Comparing Bruges to Antwerp, which is another Belgian city we have been in the past year, we would definetly rate Bruges above Antwerp. The main reason is it’s cozy and romantic historic city centre.


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